Shiatsu massage


Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a manual therapy originating from Japan. It integrates traditional Japanese manual therapies such as acupuncture and anma, an ancient style of Japanese massage, with Western medical knowledge.

Shiatsu has its roots in the concept of Qi. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi is the life force that drives all life activities. They believe that health occurs when Qi flows unhindered. When it becomes deficient or blocked, symptoms such as body aches, headaches and digestive problems appear. Qi is sometimes described as a “flow of energy”. Qi is believed to be channeled through certain pathways in the human body, known as meridians, causing a variety of effects.

A shiatsu practitioner applies pressure to the body’s meridians to balance or unblock the flow of energy (Qi). In Japanese, shiatsu means “finger pressure”. Shiatsu techniques include massage with fingers, thumbs, elbows, knuckles, feet and palms; acupressure and assisted stretching.

To assess a client in shiatsu, a practitioner uses palpation and, sometimes, pulse and tongue diagnosis. He uses various techniques to relieve conditions, reduce tension and pain, and improve overall health.

In our beautiful massage therapy team in Laval, you can benefit from a shiatsu massage by Malina and Alexia!

Children, accompanied by their parent, are welcome, as well as pregnant women after the first ultrasound.

Applicable taxes are included in our prices. Insurance receipts.


60 min: $95
90 min: $130

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or text at 450.686.9913 or by email if you have any questions.

*Prices may change without notice.

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