Legs circulation massage


Legs circulation massage

Excellent to help cellulite and other circulatory disorders such as heaviness and swelling, this vigorous massage dislodges toxins and restores good blood and lymphatic circulation. Your legs will feel so light after this good massage!

The legs circulation massage is a treatment in which a vibrator device with specific sockets is used. To do this massage, we use a combination of jojoba oil and different essential oils that stimulate circulation, tone the venous and lymphatic network, purify and tone the skin and promote decongestion and detoxification. Cupping and tissue decongestion maneuvers are also used, which breaks tissue adhesions and allows blood vessels to be free and efficient.

We also suggest taking lymphatic drainage to help unclog your system. Talk to your therapist!

For a good leg massage in Laval, come to see us!

Applicable taxes are included in our prices. Insurance receipts.


60 min: $100
90 min: $135

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or text at 450.686.9913 or by email if you have any questions.

*Prices may change without notice.

traitement cellulite
decongestion tissulaire


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